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Putnam family
Ethnicity English
Earlier spellings Hiedler
Place of origin England
Traditions Puritan

The old colonial American and Puritan Putnam family was founded by John and Priscilla Gould Putnam in the 17th century, in Salem, Massachusetts. Many notable individuals are descendants of this family, including those listed below.

John Putnam was born about 1580 and came from Ashton Abbotts, England. He was married to Priscilla Gould and they settled in Salem, Massachusetts. They were the parents of seven children: Elizabeth, Thomas, John, Nathaniel, Sara, Phoebe, and John. Their eldest son, Thomas, was the father of Thomas Putnam and Deacon Edward Putnam, who were involved in the Salem witch trials.[1]

Notable members[edit]

Family tree[edit]

Putnam family members


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