Puttenham and Crooksbury Commons

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Puttenham and Crooksbury Commons
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Puttenham Common - geograph.org.uk - 81617.jpg
Puttenham Common
Area of SearchSurrey
Grid referenceSU 911 461[1]
Area113.8 hectares (281 acres)[1]
Location mapMagic Map

Puttenham and Crooksbury Commons is a 113.8-hectare (281-acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest between Farnham and Guildford in Surrey.[1][2] Puttenham Common is owned by the Hampton Estate and managed on behalf of Surrey County Council by the Surrey Wildlife Trust.[3] Hillbury Hillfort on Puttenham Common is a scheduled monument. It is a univallate hillfort which probably dates to the Iron Age.[4][3]

Crooksbury Common[edit]

Looking at the only sector of the potential view available in 2014, which is otherwise obscured by trees. Centred looking to the west of Hindhead from the view-table SU 8787 4595.

Crooksbury hill at 162 metres (531 ft), is the highest point on Crooksbury Common. It is the 21st highest hill in Surrey.[5] Atop the hill lies a triangulation point with views over the valley towards Hindhead and Gibbet Hill. It was mentioned in a Sherlock Holmes short story, "The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist", in which Holmes is called upon to solve a singularly interesting case involving Miss Violet Smith.

The name Crooksbury is of Celtic origin. The fragments 'cruc' or 'crug' refer to burial mounds usually on a hill-top, which may pertain to fact there are earthworks on the flank of Crooksbury hill one of which is called Soldier's Ring.

Puttenham Common[edit]

Puttenham Common is of archaeological interest. There is a hill fort at Hillbury which is a scheduled monument, probably dating back to the Iron Age. The site can be found on the highest point of the hill above Cutmill pond.[6]

Romping Downs in the west of this area (or the south Chobham Ranges) have a broad top which is 118 metres above sea level and has a minimum descent (notch/col) of 36 metres, the 34th highest hill in Surrey of the 36 listed by the national hill-climbing database.


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Coordinates: 51°12′25″N 0°41′49″W / 51.207°N 0.697°W / 51.207; -0.697