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Putty Road

Putty Road near Wombat Swamp.jpg
Putty Road near Wombat Swamp, Mellong
General information
Length168 km (104 mi)
Route number(s)
  • B84

(Concurrent with Golden Highway)

  • Mount Thorley East - Mount Thorley
Major junctions
North end
  Golden Highway
South end
Major suburbsMount Thorley, Bulga, Howes Valley, Putty, Colo Heights, Colo

The Putty Road is a rural road that links the northwestern suburbs of Sydney to the Hunter Region in New South Wales, in eastern Australia. The southern terminus of the Putty Road is Wilberforce and the northern terminus is Singleton.[1][2]

Route and features[edit]

The 168-kilometre (104 mi) Putty Road is very historic, closely following the Bulga Road (named after the Bulga Creek), first explored by John Howe, Chief Constable of Windsor, being the first road to link Sydney to the Hunter Valley. It was opened in 1823 and was initially a popular cattle-duffing (an Australian term for cattle-rustling) route.[3]

Today, the road is fully sealed and from north to south, after leaving Singleton, passes through the settlements of Bulga, Colo, Milbrodale, and Putty. The Putty Road is bounded to the west and east by protected national parks – the Wollemi National Park to the west, and the Yengo National Park to the east – both part of the UNESCO World Heritage–listed Greater Blue Mountains Area. The road is narrow and winding in places and very scenic. It may be hazardous during wet weather. The Putty Road enters the Hunter Valley at the northern end of the Howes Creek gorge. The road is popular with tourists, motorcyclists and cyclists.[4]

The Golden Highway and the Putty Road share approximately 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) near Singleton, where the two roads merge as their eastern terminus adjoins the New England Highway, bypassing Singleton.

Putty Road was formerly part of State Route 69, a route which once traversed from Wollongong through Campbelltown, Penrith, Windsor and then along Putty Road to Singleton. However, now the route south of Windsor has been signed A9 to Campbelltown and B69 to Wollongong, leaving Putty Road unnumbered.

Major intersections[edit]

HawkesburyWilberforce00.0Wilberforce Road - south-west - Windsor /
King Road to Sackville Road - north-east - Sackville
Southern end of Putty Road.
These roads are collectively described in the Roads & Maritime Services document as the Windsor - Sackville Road.
4.12.5Stannix Park Road - east - Ebenezer
East Kurrajong8.05.0East Kurrajong Road - west - East Kurrajong, Kurrajong
9.25.7Bull Ridge Road - east - Sackville
Colo17.711.0Upper Colo Road - west - Central Colo, Upper Colo /
Lower Colo Road - east - Lower Portland
Colo River17.911.1Bridge over river (name not known)
Macdonald River105.965.8Bridge over river (name not known)
SingletonMilbrodale141.087.6Milbrodale Road - east - Fordwich, Broke
Wollombi Brook146.991.3Wollombi Brook bridge, Bulga
SingletonMount Thorley156.2–
Golden Highway - north - Warkworth /
Mount Thorley Road - south - Mount Thorley
South-western concurrency terminus with Golden Highway.
Putty Road continues east as B84.
158.798.6Broke Road - south - Broke
159.799.2 Golden Highway - east - BranxtonNorth-eastern concurrency terminus with Golden Highway.
Putty Road continues north-east with no shield.
Singleton168.4104.6 New England Highway (A15) - north-west - Camberwell, Muswellbrook /
south-east - Whittingham, Branxton
Northern end of Putty Road.
No northbound entry to or exit from New England Highway.
No southbound entry to New England Highway
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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