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Department of Putumayo
Departamento del Putumayo
Flag of Department of Putumayo
Putumayo shown in red
Putumayo shown in red
Topography of the department
Topography of the department
Coordinates: 1°09′N 76°37′W / 1.150°N 76.617°W / 1.150; -76.617Coordinates: 1°09′N 76°37′W / 1.150°N 76.617°W / 1.150; -76.617
Country  Colombia
Region Amazonía Region
Established 1991
(political) Mocoa
 • Governor Sorrel Parisa Aroca Rodriguez(2016-2019)
 • Total 24,885 km2 (9,608 sq mi)
Area rank 16th
Population (2013)[3]
 • Total 337,054
 • Rank 26th
 • Density 14/km2 (35/sq mi)
Time zone UTC-05
ISO 3166 code CO-PUT
Municipalities 13
Website www.putumayo.gov.co

Putumayo (Spanish pronunciation: [putuˈmaʝo]) is a department of Colombia. It is in the south-west of the country, bordering Ecuador and Peru. Its capital is Mocoa.

The word putumayo comes from the Quechua languages. The verb p'utuy means "to spring forth" or "to burst out", and mayu means river. Thus it means "gushing river".


Originally, the south west of the department was the territory of the Cofán Indians, the north west that of the Kamentxá Indians, and the center and south belonged to tribes that spoke Tukano languages (such as the Siona), and the east to tribes that spoke Witoto languages. Part of the Kamentxá territory was conquered by the Inca Huayna Cápac in 1492, who, after crossing the Cofán territory, established a Quechua population on the valley of Sibundoy, known today as Ingas. After the Inca defeat in 1533, the region was invaded by the Spanish in 1542, and from 1547 was administered by Catholic missions.

The current territory of Putumayo was linked to Popayan during the Spanish Colonial Period and in the first Republican decades belonged to the "Azuay Department", that included territories in Ecuador and Perú. Later a long process of territorial redistributions began:


Municipalities Map
  1. Flag of Colón (Putumayo).svg Colón
  2. Flag of Mocoa (Putumayo).svg Mocoa
  3. Flag of Orito (Putumayo).svg Orito
  4. Flag of Puerto Asís (Putumayo).svg Puerto Asís
  5. Flag of Puerto Caicedo (Putumayo).svg Puerto Caicedo
  6. Flag of Puerto Guzmán (Putumayo).svg Puerto Guzmán
  7. Flag of Puerto Leguízamo (Putumayo).svg Puerto Leguízamo
  8. Flag of San Francisco (Putumayo).svg San Francisco
  9. San Miguel
  10. Flag of Santiago (Putumayo).svg Santiago
  11. Flag of Sibundoy (Putumayo).svg Sibundoy
  12. Flag of Valle del Guamuez-La Hormiga (Putumayo).svg Valle del Guamez
  13. Flag of Villagarzón (Putumayo).svgVillagarzón
Colombia Putumayo location map (adm colored).svg

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