Putuo District, Zhoushan

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(the former county)
Chinese 普陀
Postal Puto

Putuo District (Chinese: 普陀区) is a district of Zhoushan City, Zhejiang in China with a population of 380,000. Putuo is a sister city of Port St. Lucie, Florida in the United States.

The district used to be a county. In 1987, it was combined with the neighbouring county of Dinghai to form the city of Zhoushan.

Basic Information[edit]

  • District Seat: Shenjiamen Sub-District
  • Population: 378,805[1] as of November 1, 2010
  • Area: 6,730 km² (459 km² terrestrial, 6,271 km² marine)
  • Population Density: 825 pop. per km²
  • Gross Domestic Product: 24.6 billion yuan [2] as of 2011
  • Per capita GDP: 64,941 yuan (approximately 10,443 US Dollars)


Putuo District occupies the southeastern part of Zhoushan archipelago. It includes the eastern end of the archipelago Zhoushan Island, which is the largest island of the archipelago, and many dozens of smaller islands. Among them:

  • the small, but famous Putuo Island (Putuo Shan, i.e. "Mount Putuo"). Putuo Island with nearby small islets is administratively organized as Putuo Town within Putuo District.
  • Zhujiajian Island (朱家尖), connected to Zhoushan Island by a bridge, and administratively organized as Zhujiajian Town.
  • Dengbu Island, organized as an eponymous township
  • Mayi Island (literally, "Ant Island"), organized as an eponymous township
  • Zhongjieshan Island Chain (中街山列岛), organized as Dongji.
  • many others, with half a dozen towns and townships on them

Sister cities[edit]


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Coordinates: 29°54′N 122°23′E / 29.900°N 122.383°E / 29.900; 122.383