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Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH
Industry Design, manufacture and sales concrete pumps.
Founded 1958
Headquarters Aichtal, Germany
Key people
Norbert Scheuch (CEO)
Dr. Gerald Karch
Products Concrete Pumps
Parent Sany Heavy Industries
Website [1],www.putzmeister.de, www.putzmeisteramerica.com

Putzmeister is a German manufacturer of concrete pumps. The firm is headquartered at Aichtal, and is the largest in its field.[1] It also provides pumps for a wide range of different materials, for example slurries, fly ash, sewage, compost and water.[2]

Putzmeister is German for "Plaster Master" (Putz Meister). In 2008, the company had 3,200 employees worldwide, 500 of which work for Putzmeister America.


Putzmeister was founded by Karl Schlecht in 1958.[3] Schlecht designed a mortar machine based on his diploma thesis at the University of Stuttgart.[4]

In 1986, Putzmeister 52Z's were used in the Chernobyl nuclear accident, pumping over 400,000 cubic yards of concrete to entomb reactor number 4, setting a world record at the time for volume pumping.[5]

During the 2011 Japanese nuclear accidents at the Fukushima plant, multiple Putzmeister concrete boom pumps were flown to Japan from locations around the world. After the initial success of a M58-5 unit,[6] additional M62-6s and 70Z's were transported to Japan on-board chartered Antonov An-124s, the world's second largest cargo plane.[7] The 70Z is the world's largest boom pump,[8] able to reach over 220 feet, and able to be controlled remotely from 2 miles (3.2 km) away. The pumps will be deployed to try to stabilise the four reactors with additional water pumping capacity.[9]

In May 2008, Putzmeister reached a world record in vertical concrete pumping (1,988 feet, (606m)), via their specially designed concrete pumps type BSA 14000 SHP-D, in building the Burj Khalifa.[10] In 2008, Putzmeister broke its own record by pumping concrete to a height of more than 700 m at Burj Khalifa.[11]

As the largest German-Sino transaction ever, at the end of January 2012 Putzmeister was sold to the Chinese Sany Heavy Industries, the construction-equipment maker run by China’s richest man Liang Wengen.[12]


  • Concrete pump
    • Mobile truck mounted concrete placing boom pumps
      • "C" Valve (BRF model designation)
      • "S" Valve (BSF model designation)
    • Concrete placing systems
    • BSA trailer pumps
    • Truck mounted line pumps
    • Mortar machines
  • Industrial pumps



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