Puviraja Pandaram

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Pararacacekaran VII
King of Jaffna
Jaffna Royal family 280x190.jpg
Second from the left is Puviraja Pandaram
Reign 1561–1565
Predecessor Cankili I (Cekaracacekaran VII)
Periyapillai (Cekaracacekaran VIII)
Successor Periyapillai (Cekaracacekaran VIII)
Ethirimana Cinkam (Pararacacekaran VIII)
Died 1591 (1592)
Issue Ethirimana Cinkam (Pararacacekaran VIII)
Full name
Puviraja Pandaram
Tamil புவிராஜ பண்டாரம்
House Aryacakravarti dynasty
Father Cankili I (Cekaracacekaran VII)

Puviraja Pandaram (Tamil: புவிராஜ பண்டாரம்) (died 1591) ruled the Jaffna kingdom during a period of chaos during and after the death of his father Cankili I in 1565. He became king in 1561 following a local uprising against Cankili I. Although he was the nominal king, Cankili I wielded real power behind the throne until his death in 1565. After Cankili's death, Puviraja Pandaram lost power to one Kasi Nainar and Periyapillai. After the death or abdication of Periyapillai in 1582, Puviraja Pandarm was nominated as the king for the second time.[1][2]

During his second tenure he attempted to wrest the control of the pearl-rich Mannar Island from the Portuguese by attacking the fort by sea and land. He was defeated in both attempts.[2]

After the occupation of Kandy by Rajasinha I of Sitawaka, Puviraja Pandaram gave refuge and protection to the sole surviving member of the Kandyan Royal family, the infant, Princess Kusumasana, who was baptized, as Dona Catherina (The daughter of Karaliedde Bandara).[3]

Eventually Puviraja Pandaram was captured and beheaded by Portuguese[4] in a battle during the second Portuguese expedition against Jaffna Kingdom led by André Furtado de Mendonça in 1591. He was succeeded by his son Ethirimana Cinkam.[2]


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Preceded by
Cankili I
Jaffna kingdom
Succeeded by
Ethirimana Cinkam
Preceded by
Jaffna kingdom