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Puyuhuapi Harbor

Puyuhuapi (Puyuguapi) is a village in southern Chile in the Aysén Region. It is located on Route 7, the Carretera Austral, where the Rio Pascal enters the head of the Puyuhuapi fjord, a small fjord off the Ventisquero Sound.[1] Its harbor on the fjord is called Puerto Puyuhuapi.[2] Puyuhuapi is administratively in the Chilean commune of Cisnes.[1] In the 2002 census it had a population of 535, but by 2007 it had grown to 826.[1] Just southwest of the village are the Puyuhuapi hot springs.[3] The government invited German settlement in the village, which was founded by Sudeten German settlers from Hranice (former German name Rossbach) in present-day Czech Republic and Mapuches from Chiloé Archipelago.[4][5][6]

It is served by Puyuhuapi Airport.

Among the local handicrafts are hand-made jerseys.[3]

In popular culture[edit]

Puyuhuapi was featured in the 2014 Patagonia Special episode of Top Gear, and in 2019 on DW News's documentary "On route 7 into the heart of Patagonia"

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Coordinates: 44°19′29″S 72°33′28″W / 44.32472°S 72.55778°W / -44.32472; -72.55778