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This is a completed puzzle ring with six bands.
This is exactly the same ring broken apart into six separate rings. The rings are interlocked so as not to become misplaced.

The term puzzle ring typically refers to a jewelry ring made up of multiple interconnected bands, which is a type of mechanical puzzle most likely developed as an elaboration of the European gimmal ring.[1]

The puzzle ring is also sometimes called a "Turkish wedding ring" or "harem ring." According to popular legend, the ring would be given by the husband as a wedding ring, because if the wife removed it (presumably to commit adultery), the bands of the ring would fall apart, and she would be unable to reassemble it before its absence would be noticed.[2] However, a puzzle ring can be easily removed without the bands falling apart.

In Sweden, puzzle rings are often carried by military veterans, where the number of rings correspond to the number of tours made, starting at 4 rings for 1 tour.


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