Pwllheli Lifeboat Station

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Pwllheli Lifeboat Station
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Pwllheli Lifeboat Station
Pwllheli Lifeboat Station is located in Wales
Pwllheli Lifeboat Station
Pwllheli, Gwynedd
General information
TypeRNLI Lifeboat Station
LocationOuter Harbour, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL53 5AY
CountryWales, United Kingdom
Coordinates52°52′58″N 4°24′08″W / 52.88278°N 4.40222°W / 52.88278; -4.40222Coordinates: 52°52′58″N 4°24′08″W / 52.88278°N 4.40222°W / 52.88278; -4.40222
OwnerRoyal National Lifeboat Institution

Pwllheli Lifeboat Station (based in Pwllheli, Gwynedd, Wales) was first established by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) in 1891 at a cost of £480.[1] The station currently operates a Shannon-class all-weather lifeboat and a D-class (IB1) lifeboat.

The station was built with doors at both ends which allowed the crew to launch the boat either into the harbour, or over the beach directly into the Sea. Pwllheli received its first motor lifeboat in 1930 and because it was kept afloat, the boathouse went unused until 1953. A D-class inshore lifeboat was first stationed in Pwllheli in 1964.[2] The new station was opened officially in September 2021.[3]

A new station was completed in 2020, thanks to public donations of £83,000 plus the sale of two Ferrari cars bequeathed to the charity in 2015. The new station accommodates the latest Shannon-class all-weather lifeboat.[4][5]


All Weather Boats[edit]

Dates in service Class ON Op. No. Name Comments
1930–1931 40ft Watson-class ON 560 Maria Ex-Portpatrick, Broughty Ferry
1931–1940 43ft Watson-class ON 620 William McPherson Ex-Aldeburgh, Campbeltown
1940–1943 45ft Watson-class ON 690 C.and S. Ex-Dunmore East
1943–1953 46ft Watson-class ON 841 Manchester & Salford XXIX
1953–1972 35ft 6in Liverpool-class ON 905 Katherine and Virgoe Buckland
1972–1979 35ft 6in Liverpool-class ON 869 Anthony Robert Marshall Ex-Reserve fleet, Rhyl
1979–1991 37ft Oakley-class ON 978 37-11 The Royal Thames Ex-Runswick, Caister
1991–2021 Mersey-class ON 1168 12-010 Lilly and Vincent Anthony
2021-present[6] Shannon-class ON 1346 13-39 Smith Brothers

Inshore lifeboats[edit]

Dates in service Class Op. No. Name Comments
1964 D-class (RFD PB16) D-16 Unnamed
1965–1966 D-class (RFD PB16) D-20 Unnamed
1967 D-class (RFD PB16) D-25 Unnamed
1968–1978 D-class (RFD PB16) D-153 Unnamed
1979–1988 D-class (Zodiac III) D-265 Unnamed
1988–1997 D-class (EA16) D-372 The Lion
1997–2007 D-class (EA16) D-522 City of Chester II
2007–present D-class (IB1) D-676 Leslie and Peter Downes [7]

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