Pyaar Ka Bandhan

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Pyaar Ka Bandhan
Genre Drama
Created by Balaji Telefilms
Written by Story & Screenplay
Mrinal Jha, Vandana Tewari & Johana Mahrat
Rekkha Modi
Directed by Anil V Kumar, Partho Mitra, Rakesh Malhotra, Deepak Chavan, Muzammil Desai & Jafar Shaikh
Creative director(s) Shivangi Chauhan Babbar
Starring See Below
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 108
Producer(s) Shobha Kapoor & Ekta Kapoor
Cinematography Mahesh Talkad, Dawood Ali & Ashish Sharma
Editor(s) Vikas Sharma, Vishal Sharma, Rajeev Yadav & Raju Kori
Running time 24 minutes
Original network Sony TV
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Original release 7 October 2009 – 28 April 2010

Pyaar Ka Bandhan is an Indian television series that aired on Sony TV, which is based on the story of four siblings who get separated by fate. The series premiered on 7 October 2009 and is produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms.[1]


This is the story of four siblings, Kajol, Sujoy, Deva, and Mishti, who get separated in their childhood after their mother leaves them in an orphanage because she has cancer and is on the last stage. The story takes a leap. All the children grow up,and have separated. The eldest son Deva who is now named Millind is an aspiring politician and now works for a famous politician, gradually he becomes his favourite. Millind is also the famous politician's only daughter, Devikas body guard. Kajol the eldest daughter who is now named Prateeksha becomes the personal secretary of Shashank a fun loving, carefree playboy but very good at heart. Prateeksha is still looking for her parents. He is also the only child of a wealthy industrialist unlike Prateeksha who is very simple and responsible. She gets appointed on insistence of Suhani (Araina's step sister) Araina is Prateeksha's younger sister but they are both unaware, her name was Mishti. Suhani knows Prateeksha is not Shashank's type and there is no chance he will flirt with her. Shashank is also best friends with Ariana. Aziz (previously Sujoy) was adopted by a Muslim couple and now works in Vikram Rai's house, a very rich industrialist. It is the same house where his younger sister Araina lives in as she was adopted by Vikram Rai.

As time passed by Shashank changes and becomes responsible and falls in love with Prateeksha, the girl who made him realize though he did not like her at first as she was not his type. But the problem is he is engaged with Suhani who is the step sister of Araina and younger daughter of Vikram Rai. He had agreed for the marriage as he did not know what love was and had not met Prateeksha then and because Ariana was his best friend. Prateeksha also starts to loves Shashank but sacrifices her love for Shashank for the sake of Suhani. Araina loves Raunak who works in the ranch of Vikram Rai, where he is a horse trainer.

Aziz finds out that Prateeksha is his older sister Kajol and is cheerful but also depressed that if he tells her this then, he will have to hurt her by saying to forget all about Shashank. It turns out while Aziz and his adoptive mother were talking to each other and Prateeksha accidentally overhears them and she is relieved that she found one of her brothers. She sees her mother's photo and knows he can't be lying. Prateeksha finds out the truth about Prashant whom she was set to marry, the truth is that all he wanted was money to pay off his personal debt, and he used Prateeksha to get money from Shashank. After some circumstances Suhani finds out about Shashank and Prateeksha's love. She decides to tell everyone but moments before Ariana and her have a car accident, taking Suhani's life, and causing Ariana to go into a coma.

Six months have passed, Prateeksha is married and is now in Delhi because her aunt just died and Ariana (who just got out of her coma) is just back in Delhi with Shashank after spending many years in London. Since Prateeksha needs the sign of the minister (who is Milind) because her aunt wanted to make her house into an orphanage and Prateeksha is going complete that dream. Devika announces she and Milind are getting married during the party which was thrown by her dad. Araina doesn't want that. Ariana comes into the study thinking Devika is there but it's actually Prateeksha. Coming out of the party Prateeksha bumps into Shashank and runs away but not before Shashank sees her. Araina finds out that Sumo(Suhani) is dead, Shashank Follows Prateeksha's cab and keeps on stopping in front of her.

Prateeksha changes cabs to get away from Shashank and then the cab driver is actually a thief and at knife point he robs Prateeksha. Shashank saves her but in return he gives away all priceless possessions (car, watch, etc...) to save her. They get stranded in the jungle and in the morning rescued by the police who found their car. Meanwhile, Araina is depressed over Sumo's death and is trying to cope but it is too hard. Prateeksha asks the police to drop her off at a hotel and she tells Shashank that his and her paths are different. In the hotel the police gives her back her mangalsutra and Raunak is back, but with a twist to the story because he is now Prateeksha's husband. Shashank tells Araina about him and Prateeksha. Araina is ready for revenge and has thrown a party to reveal to Shushank that Prateeksha is married. Araina has been wondering why Prateeksha is hiding the fact that she is married. Even Araina doesn't know that Prateeksha is married to Raunak. Araina still doesn't know about Raunak and Prateeksha but she still remembers and loves him a lot and searches for him everywhere but no one has any idea where he is now.

Araina, Shashank and Aziz find out that Prateeksha and Raunak are married. Araina wants to separate them though. Araina wants to separate them because they are also part of Suhani's death. She plays dirty tricks, so that Raunak hates Prateeksha, but in all this Shashank is getting more in love with Prateeksha and knows that Prateeksha still loves him and that her marriage with Raunak is just for a show and does everything to get to know why Raunak and Prateeksha get married with each other . As example he gets into Prateeksha's house, when Raunak isn't there because he has to go out of town for his work, and he turns things upside down for information, which isn't there beside a CD. Prateeksha hides the CD and gets Shashank out of her house . The day after, Prateeksha gets a lots of flowers and suspects Shashank of the flowers . She goes to the house of Shashank and shouts at him, but Shashank says that he didn't do anything, but he was lying. Shashank's dad warns Prateeksha that she has to go away from Shashank's life otherwise he will expose the CD. On the CD has been recorded Suhani's death, which shows that the car which hit Suhani was Raunak's. But now Raunak knows that Araina wants to separate them.

The serial has now ended with all the siblings finding out who they really are and coming together to find their mother, who is still alive, and Prateeksha and Shashank, Raunak and Ariana, Milind and Radha, Aziz and Devika getting together. In short, all the lovers reunite.



There was a special crossover with Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai on 24 December 2009 and 28 December 2009 on SET.


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