Pyar Hi Pyar

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Pyar Hi Pyar
Directed by Bhappi Sonie
Produced by Rajaram, Satish Wagle
Written by K. A. Narayan
Anand Romani
Starring Dharmendra
Music by Shankar Jaikishan
Hasrat Jaipuri(lyrics)
Cinematography Taru Dutt
Edited by Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Release date
Country India
Language Hindi

Pyar Hi Pyar (Hindi: प्यार ही प्यार, "love, only love") is a 1969 Bollywood film produced by Rajaram and Satish Wagle, the film is directed by Bhappi Sonie. The film stars Dharmendra, Vyjayanthimala, Pran, Helen, Madan Puri and Mehmood. This was the only movie of Dharmendra and Vyjayanthimala together.


Young Vijay lives in an orphanage after being separated from his widowed mother, Laxmi. Years later Vijay has grown up and a wealthy man, Kailashnath Gupta, identifies him as his long-lost son and takes him home. Once there, Vijay decides to find employment as a police constable much to Kailashnath's displeasure. Vijay's first assignment is to locate a beautiful young woman's missing father. The young woman is Kavita and Vijay falls head-over-heels in love with her. Vijay sets about to accomplish this task, little knowing that a man named Satish has convinced Kailashnath that Vijay is not who he claims to be, and that Satish is Kailashnath's biological son.

The movie's songs were popular and hit at that time. Mohd Rafi sang for Dharmendra and Mehmood in the same film. Agogo ageya for Mehmood and rest song for Dharmendra. Mein Kahin Kavi and Dekha hai teri surat of Mohd Rafi were huge hits.

Salim Khan, father of Salman was drummer in the song Tu Mera Mein Teri of Mohd Rafi & Asha Bhosle picturised on Dharmendra and Helen.


Playback Mohd Rafi sangs all 6 six songs in the movie. He playbacked for both Dharmendra and Mehmood. Mein Kahin Kavi Na was the most popular number of the movie and became a huge hit.


# Title Singer(s)
1 "Dekha Hai Teri Aankhon Mein" Mohammed Rafi
2 "Dedo Pyar Lelo Pyar" Mohammed Rafi
3 "Tu Mera Main Teri" Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle
4 "Main Kahin Kavi Na Ban Jaoon" Mohammed Rafi
5 "Go Go Aaagaya.....Hum Aangya Phir Dar Kaheka" Mohammed Rafi

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