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Pybliographer 1.2.14
Original author(s) Frédéric Gobry
Developer(s) The Pybliographer Team
Initial release 13 October 1998 (1998-10-13) [1]
Stable release
1.2.17 / 30 November 2014; 22 months ago (2014-11-30)[2]
Written in C++, C (programming language)
Operating system Linux
Type reference management software
License GPL

Pybliographer is a reference management software tool that deals with bibliographic databases, used for viewing, editing, searching, and reformatting bibliographies. Written in Python and licensed under GNU GPL, it provides a scripting framework of classes and functions, which makes it extendable to many other applications.

In addition to the scripting environment, pybliographer provides a graphical GTK+-based interface called Pybliographic, allowing many customizable viewing and editing possibilities. The interface can also be used to insert references directly into LyX, Kile or, direct queries to Medline, and more.

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