Pyongyang Sinmun

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Pyongyang Sinmun
Pyongyang Sinmun.jpg
TypeDaily newspaper
Founder(s)Kim Il-sung
PublisherWorkers' Party of Korea Pyongyang Municipal Committee
Editor-in-chiefSong Rak-gyun
Launched1 June 1957
CountryNorth Korea
Circulation4.3 million (as of 2002)
Sister newspapersThe Pyongyang Times

Pyongyang Sinmun (Korean평양신문; Hanja平壤新聞, Pyongyang News) is a North Korean newspaper founded on 1 June 1957 by Kim Il-sung.[1] It launched an online version on 1 January 2005.[2] It is published by the Workers' Party of Korea Pyongyang Municipal Committee[3] six times per week under the editorship of Song Rak-gyun.[4] Although technically a local newspaper, it is distributed nationwide and stories cover news from other regions as well. The print is four pages. It has a circulation of 4,3 million. The Pyongyang Times is its foreign language edition.[5]

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