Pyotr Stepanov

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Pyotr Stepanov
Петр Степанов.jpg
Prime Minister of Transnistria
In office
18 January 2012 – 10 July 2013
President Yevgeny Shevchuk
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Tatiana Turanskaya
Personal details
Born (1959-01-02) 2 January 1959 (age 58)
Sankino, Soviet Union
(now Russia)
Political party Independent

Pyotr Petrovich Stepanov (Пётр Петро́вич Степа́нов; born 2 January 1959) is a Transnistrian politician and was the Prime Minister of Transnistria from 18 January 2012 until 10 July 2013.[1]

Stepanov is the first ever Prime Minister of Transnisitra.[1] His nomination was put forward by newly appointed President Yevgeny Shevchuk.[1] The majority faction of the Renewal Party unanimously supported Stepanov's candidacy.[1]

On 10 July 2013 Pyotr Stepanov retired and on the same day President Shevchuk proposed Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Turanskaya as a prime ministerial candidate. After addressing several questions to Turanskaya on her vision of major goals of the new government and on changes in government's composition the Supreme Council voted for her candidacy.[2] On 10 July Tatiana Turanskaya became second Prime Minister of Transnistria, she had been acting as prime minister since 20 June. Composition of the government remained mostly unchanged.


Office Incumbent
Prime Minister Pyotr Petrovich Stepanov
Deputy Prime Minister on Social Politics Natalia Grigorievna Nikiforova
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Nina Viktorovna Shtanski
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Development Maija Parnas
Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Vladimirovich Sviderskiy
Deputy Prime Minister on Regional Development Tatiana Mikhailovna Turanskaya (from 19 June 2013)
Minister of Justice Vadim Nikolayevich Krasnoselsky (acting, until 27 February 2012)
Sergei Nikolayevich Monul (from 27 February 2012)
Minister of Defence Aleksandr Alekseevich Lukyanenko
Minister of Justice Mariya Borisovna Melnik (until 30 January 2012)
Aleksandr Fedorovich Deli (30 January 2012 - 14 November 2012)
Alena Anatolyevna Klyus (acting, 14 November 2012 - 12 February 2013)
Olga Sergeevna Dubrovina (from 12 February 2013)
Minister of Finance Elena Georgiyevna Girzhul
Minister of Labor and Social Security Oksana Valerievna Bulanova
Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Nikolaiy Ivanovich Nedelkov
Minister of Health Care Vasiliy Filippovich Gumenniy
Minister of Education Svetlana Ivanova Fadeeva
Minister of Information and Media Yevgeny Vladislavovich Zubov
Minister of State Security Vladislav Aleksandrovich Finagin
Head of Customs Gennadiy Yurevich Kuzmich


Political offices
Preceded by
Position established
Prime Minister of Transnistria
Succeeded by
Tatiana Turanskaya