Pyotr Lopukhin

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Pyotr Lopukhin
P.V.Lopukhin by S.Shukin (1801).jpg
Portrait of Lopukhin by Stepan Shchukin
Alma mater Imperial Moscow University (1761)

Prince Pyotr Vasilyevich Lopukhin (1753, Saint Petersburg – 1827) was a Russian politician and member of the Lopukhin family. He was president of the Council of Ministers from 1816 to 1827.

Marriage and issue[edit]

He married twice:

  1. Praskovia Ivanovna, née Levshina - their daughter Anna was a mistress of Paul I of Russia.
  2. Iekaterina, née Shetnevoy (1763–1839).


Educated at home, he was recorded as Life Guards of the Transfiguration Regiment and entered service in 1769.

Preceded by
Alexis Kourakine
Procurator General of the Governing Senate
Succeeded by
Alexander Andreivitch Beklechov
Preceded by
Gavrila Derzhavin
Procurator General of the Governing Senate
(Minister of Justice of the Russian Empire)

Succeeded by
Ivan Dmitriev
Preceded by
Nikolay Saltykov
Chairman of the Russian Council of Ministers
Succeeded by
Viktor Kochubey