Pyotr Vladimirovich Dolgorukov

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Prince Pyotr Vladimirovich Dolgorukov (Russian: Пётр Владимирович Долгоруков) (1816–1868) was a Russian historian and journalist known for his genealogical research and as a critic of the Imperial Russian government. His father was the general Vladimir Petrovich Dolgorukov.


Dolgorukov was known for his anti-government publications. He moved to Paris in 1859 and refused to return to Russia.

As a result, he was deprived by the authorities of all titles and property, and declared a permanent exile. After Dolgorukov's death, his archives were acquired by the Russian government.

Some of Dolgorukov’s chief works include:

  • "Российский родословный сборник" (“Russian Genealogical Collection”; St. Petersburg, 1840–41),
  • "Сведения о роде князей Долгоруковых" (“Accounts about the Princely House of Dolgorukov”, 1842),
  • Notices sur les principales familles de la Russie, par le c-te Almagro (Paris, 1842),
  • "Российская родословная книга" (“Russian Genealogical Book”, 1855–57),
  • La vérité sur la Russie (Paris, 1860),
  • "De la question du servage en Russie" (Paris, 1860),
  • "Le general Ermolow" (1861),
  • "Des reformes en Russie, suivi d'un aperçu sur les états généraux russes au XVI et au XVII s." (1862),
  • "Михаил Николаевич Муравьев" (“Mikhail Nikolayevich Muravyov”; St. Petersburg, 1864),
  • "Memoires" (Geneva-Basel, 1867–71).


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