Pyotr Mikhailovich Volkonsky

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Portrait by George Dawe in the Military Gallery

Prince Pyotr Mikhailovich Volkonsky Russian: Волко́нский Пётр Миха́йлович) (May 6, 1776 - September 8, 1852, Saint Petersburg) (April 25, 1776 O.S. - August 27, 1852 O.S.), Russian military commander, General-Field Marshal (1843), Adjutant General to Alexander I, member of the State Council (1821).

Pyotr Volkonsky was born in Saint Petersburg in 1776. Volkonsky participated in the plot to remove Paul I from the throne and became one of the closest advisors to Alexander I. He commanded the Russian troops in the Battle of Austerlitz.

He was Chief of Staff of the Acting Army from December 1812 and Chief of General Staff (1815-1823). Resigned after a conflict with the War Minister Count Alexey Arakcheyev.

He was an Ambassador to the coronation of Charles X of France in 1824. Afterwards, he was Minister of Imperial Court and Properties between 1826 and 1852.

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