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Pyra Labs
Type of businessSubsidiary
FoundedJanuary 1999
Current statusOffline, February 2003

Pyra Labs was the company that created the Blogger service in 1999. It was acquired by Google in 2003.[1]


Pyra was co-founded by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan. The company's first product, also named "Pyra", was a web application which would combine a project manager, contact manager, and to-do list. In 1999, while still in beta, the rudiments of Pyra were repurposed into an in-house tool which became Blogger. The service was made available to the public in August 1999. Much of this coding was done by Paul Bausch and Matthew Haughey.[2]

Initially, Blogger was completely free of charge and there was no revenue model. In January 2001, Pyra asked Blogger users for donations to buy a new server.[3] When the company's seed money dried up around the same time, the employees continued without pay for weeks or, in some cases, months; but this could not last, and eventually Williams faced a mass walk-out by everyone including co-founder Hourihan. Williams ran the company virtually alone until he was able to secure an investment by Trellix after its founder Dan Bricklin became aware of Pyra's situation. Eventually advertising-supported Blogspot and Blogger Pro emerged.

In 2002, Blogger was completely re-written in order to license it to other companies, the first of which was of Brazil.

In 2003, Pyra was acquired by Google.[1]


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