Pyramid Mountain (Alberta)

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Pyramid Mountain
View from Maligne Lookout 01.jpg
Pyramid from Maligne Lookout
Highest point
Elevation2,766 m (9,075 ft) [1]
Prominence761 m (2,497 ft) [2]
ListingMountains of Alberta
Coordinates52°57′04″N 118°08′57″W / 52.95111°N 118.14917°W / 52.95111; -118.14917Coordinates: 52°57′04″N 118°08′57″W / 52.95111°N 118.14917°W / 52.95111; -118.14917[2]
Pyramid Mountain is located in Alberta
Pyramid Mountain
Pyramid Mountain
Location in Alberta
LocationAlberta, Canada
Parent rangeVictoria Cross Ranges
Topo mapNTS 83D/16
First ascentGeorge Kinney, guided by Conrad Kain[1]
Easiest routeScramble

Pyramid Mountain is a mountain in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada, named for its pyramid-like shape. James Hector named the mountain in 1859 due to its appearance from the Athabasca River valley on the eastern side of the peak.[1]

Part of the Victoria Cross Ranges in the Athabasca River Valley the mountain is in the major headwater for the Athabasca River. The peak is just under 10 km (6 mi) north-west of the town of Jasper.

The mountain is a relatively easy scramble on the eastern slopes. These slopes can be reached by following a steep fire road from the parking lot at Pyramid Lake, 4.5 km (3 mi) South-East of the peak.

Based on the Köppen climate classification, Pyramid Mountain is located in a subarctic climate with cold, snowy winters, and mild summers.[3] Temperatures can drop below -20 C with wind chill factors below -30 C.

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Pyramid Mountain from Pyramid Lake, August 2012


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