Pyrenees Highway, Victoria

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Pyrenees Highway
General information
Type Highway
Length 206 km (128 mi)
Route number(s) B180
route number
State Route 122
Major junctions
East end Calder Freeway, Elphinstone, Victoria
West end Glenelg Highway, Glenthompson, Victoria
Major settlements Chewton, Castlemaine, Newstead, Moolort, Maryborough, Bung Bong, Avoca, Amphitheatre, Ararat
Highway system
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Highways in Victoria

Pyrenees Highway in western Victoria, Australia is a 206 kilometre highway serving to link the Calder Highway in Elphinstone with the Glenelg Highway in Glenthompson. It intersects with the region's major freight route - the Western Highway in Ararat, in addition to the Midland Highway in Castlemaine and Sunraysia Highway in Avoca. The highway was formerly named the Elizabeth Highway prior to 1911.

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