Pyrgoi massacre

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On April 24, 1944, at Pyrgoi (Katranitsa) took place the biggest slaughter of Greeks civilians (after this Kalavryta) by German Nazis and their local accomplices. The events of April 1944 were later the subject of dozens of documentaries, and generated wide interest. Among the atrocities that were committed by the Nazis, 368 men women and children were killed and burned alive. Colonel Karl Schümers, commander of the 7th constitution armored Grenadier police of the SS, was responsible for the holocausts Pyrgoi, Kleisoura Kastoria, Distomo Boeotia which killed 862 men, women and children. The survivors were forced to walk to Ptolemaida and town completely destroyed. Each year to Pyrgoi being present in established memorial for the victims of the Holocaust, the Greek President.

The Women of Katranitsa with the remnants of burnt human bodies, which collected after the Holocaust of 1944


The Monument of the Nazis' massacre in Pyrgoi (Katranitsa)
Wreath from small children to the monument of the Nazis' Holocaust in Pyrgoi