Pyropteron muscaeforme

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Pyropteron muscaeforme
Pyropteron muscaeformis1.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Sesiidae
Genus: Pyropteron
Species: P. muscaeforme
Binomial name
Pyropteron muscaeforme
(Esper, 1783)[1]
  • Sphinx muscaeforme Esper, 1783
  • Pyropteron muscaeformis
  • Synansphecia muscaeforme
  • Sesia philanthiformis Laspeyres, 1801
  • Chamaesphecia aestivata Králícek, 1969
  • Sesia occidentale Joannis, 1908

Pyropteron muscaeforme, the thrift clearwing, is a moth of the Sesiidae family. It is known from most of Europe. A small of the genus, the wingspan is 15–18 mm. It is further distinguished by narrow clear (transparent) spaces on the blackish, or bronzy, fore wings. There are three whitish bands on the body, and traces of a whitish line along the middle of the back.

Adults can be found on the flowers of the host plant, as well as on Thymus vulgaris. It overwinters as a larva. The larvae feed on in the roots and crown of Armeria maritima.


Found on exposed rocky areas where its foodplant occurs.


  • Pyropteron muscaeforme muscaeforme
  • Pyropteron muscaeforme occidentale (Joannis, 1908)
  • Pyropteron muscaeforme lusohispanicum Lastuvka & Lastuvka, 2007


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