Pythons 2

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Pythons 2
Python II FilmPoster.jpeg
DVD cover
Written byDan Smith
Directed byLee Alan McConnell
StarringWilliam Zabka
Dana Ashbrook
Alex Jolig
Simmone Jade Mackinnon
Music byRich McHugh
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English, Russian, Chechen
Producer(s)Jeffery Beach
Phillip Roth
CinematographyAzusa Ohno
Editor(s)Ayton Davis
Running time89 minutes
Production company(s)UFO/Unified Film Organization
Original networkSci Fi Channel
Original release
  • August 17, 2002 (2002-08-17)

Pythons 2 (also known as Pythons, released on home media as Python II or Pythons II and sometimes listed in references as Python 2[2]), is a science-fiction/horror film released as a Sci Fi Pictures television film on the Sci Fi Channel. A 2002 sequel to the 2000 film Python, it stars Billy Zabka, reprising his role as Greg Larson from the first film, Dana Ashbrook and Simmone Jade Mackinnon. Directed by Lee McConnell, it was produced by Jeffery Beach and Phillip Roth for UFO/Unified Film Organization and Python Productions. This film was dedicated to Janine Clark, who died somewhere in 2001.


Somewhere in Russia, US Army Colonel Robert Evans Jefferson, Jr (Marcus Aurelius) has been tasked to lead some Russian soldiers commanded by Sergeant Ivan Petrov (Unknown actor) on a secret mission to capture an 80-foot python that was created by American scientists and has gotten loose near the Ural mountains, not long ago, Colonel Jefferson and Sergeant Petrov, accomplish their assigned task and the snakes are placed aboard an American cargo plane heading for the United States, Unfortunately, Chechen rebels mistake the plane for a Russian one and they shoot it down, This alerts a Russian Army unit nearby who then attack the rebels and subsequently take the mysterious contain back to a nearby base. However, the creature escapes, and slaughters all the soldiers and scientists. The only survivor is the Commander of the Russian military base, Colonel Zubov (Ivaylo Geraskov).

American Dwight Stoddard (Dana Ashbrook) and his Russian wife, Nalia (Simmone Jade Mackinnon,) run a shipping business in Russia. Greg Larson (Billy Zabka, reprising his role from Python) hires them to move some mysterious container, which is holding another larger python, and they reach the isolated and deserted Russian military base where they discover Zubov. Larson's primary concern is retrieving the snakes' DNA, and he begins to kill his own men in the attempt. After being discovered about his true intentions by Dwight and Nalia, Larson engages Dwight in a fist fight. During the fight, Larson gets suffocated by the first snake and dies while begging for help. The snake is killed when an explosive is hurled into its mouth by Dwight, while the other snake chases Dwight and Nalia through a land mine field and gets itself blown up by the explosives. Dwight and Nalia survive, and are rescued by Russian soldiers.



Pythons 2 was filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria.[3] The visual effects supervisor was Alvaro Villagomez, the character animation supervisor as Yancy Calzada, and the digital effects supervisor was Florentino Calzada.[1]


The DVD & Video Guide 2005 describes the movie as beginning "on a boring note and goes downhill from there".[4] Doug Pratt states that Zabka's performance appears as if "he had sat through too many Emillio Esteves films"[5] and calls the cinematography of the DVD transfer "grainy".[5] The Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever 2005 gave the film its lowest rating on a 5-point scale.[6]

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