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Armenia "Qélé, Qélé"
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"Qélé, Qélé" promotional pack
Eurovision Song Contest 2008 entry
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"Qélé, Qélé" (Armenian script: Քելե Քելե; English translation: Come on, come on) is a song by Armenian singer Sirusho and composed by H.A. Der-Hovagimian (also known as DerHova). It is performed in both English and Armenian and was Armenia's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.


After the initial composition and main lyric suggestion ("Qélé, Qélé" which in colloquial Armenian translates to "Come On, Come On") by music composer and producer H.A. Der-Hovagimian, lyrics were written by the performer Sirusho herself. "Qélé, Qélé" won the Armenian national final on 8 March 2008.

The song then entered the competition in the first European semi-final on 20 May and qualified for the final, which took place on 24 May. The song ranked 4th overall scoring 199 points, and received the most 12 points, eight in total, in the competition.

"Qélé, Qélé" is Armenia's joint highest position to date (with 10 years of competition), and had received the most points in Armenia's Eurovision history until 2016 (Armenian 2016 entry's "LoveWave" from Iveta Mukuchyan managed to obtain 249 points with the new voting system).

The Armenian television decided to send a few copies of a special pack CD/DVD to promote the song (including an original karaoke and the Yerevan club mixes as well as the music video). That item became extremely scarce to get and highly collectible among Eurovision fans.

The song became instantly very popular in Greek-speaking areas, including the "Yerevan Remix" in Greek and Cypriot clubs. It was also frequently played on London Greek Radio in the United Kingdom,[1] and has been featured in an episode of the Greek and Cypriot X Factor series.[2]

Formats and track listings[edit]

Promotional pack CD/DVD


  1. "Qélé, Qélé" (Eurovision Edit)
  2. "Qélé, Qélé" (Yerevan Remix Edit)
  3. "Qélé, Qélé" (Yerevan Club Mix)
  4. "Qélé, Qélé" (Karaoke Version)


  1. "Qélé, Qélé" (Music Video)

All versions produced by DerHova

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