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Qin may refer to:

Dynasties and states[edit]

  • Qin (state) (秦), a major state during the Zhou Dynasty of ancient China
  • Qin dynasty (秦), founded by the Qin state in 221 BC and ended in 206 BC
  • Daqin (大秦), ancient Chinese name for the Roman Empire (202 BC-AD 220)
  • Former Qin (前秦), Di state/Di (Wu Hu) in the Sixteen Kingdoms period, 351 AD
  • Later Qin (后秦), Qiang state in the Sixteen Kingdoms period, 384 AD
  • Western Qin (西秦), Xianbei state in the Sixteen Kingdoms period, 409 AD


  • Qin (秦), another name of Shaanxi province, China
  • Qin County (沁县), in Shanxi province, China
  • Qin River in Shanxi, tributary of the Yellow River
  • QIN, an acronym for the Quinault Indian Nation, Native American peoples in the United States


Musical instrument[edit]

  • Guqin (古琴), formerly named qin, Chinese stringed musical instrument