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Qışlaqabbas is located in Azerbaijan
Coordinates: 39°29′26″N 45°00′08″E / 39.49056°N 45.00222°E / 39.49056; 45.00222Coordinates: 39°29′26″N 45°00′08″E / 39.49056°N 45.00222°E / 39.49056; 45.00222
Country  Azerbaijan
Autonomous republic Nakhchivan
Rayon Sharur
Population (2005)[citation needed]
 • Total 1,825
Time zone AZT (UTC+4)

Qışlaqabbas (also, Qışlaq Abbas, Kishlag-Abas, and Kyshlakabbas) is a village and municipality in the Sharur Rayon of Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan. It is located 10 km in the south from the district center, on the bank of the Arpachay River, on the plain. It was mixed with the İbadulla village, recently separated from it; their administrative buildings are in the joint. Its population is mainly busy with farming. There are secondary school, cultural house, a medical center and nearby the ancient settlement of Şortəpə in the village. It has a population of 1,825.[1]


The name of the village was made out from the words of qışlaq (the wintering) and Abbas (person's name) means "the wintering of Abbas".[2]

Historical and archaeological monuments[edit]

Şortəpə Necropolis[edit]

Şortəpə (Shortapa) Necropolis - the archaeological monument of the Bronze Age (2nd millennium of BC) in the east from the Qıslaqabbas village, near of the same named settlement of the Sharur region. Its area is 3 hectares. From stone box graves which were destroyed during farm works were discovered rich material and cultural monuments. The findings consist from a red jug made from clay, little pot, bowl, plates of kettle type. Polychrome painted plates were represented with a jug.[1]


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