Q-Chastic EP

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Q-Chastic EP
Q-Chastic EP.jpg
EP by Q Chastic
Released 1992
Genre Acid House
Label Rephlex Records CAT 002

The Q-Chastic EP was created by Richard D. James under the alias "Q-Chastic". The album was never released but was test pressed in a limited number under the Rephlex label in 1992. The format is rumored to be 2X12" format, of which the outer 2 inches is grooveless.

Fake track list[edit]

Although the album never surfaced, a fake version was passed around the internet containing the only officially released "Q-Chastic" song "CAT 002" which appeared on the compilation The Philosophy of Sound and Machine. Although the song name represents the catalog number for the 2X12", Grant Wilson-Claridge has stated the song "CAT 002" was not pressed to the album.

On Sept 17, 2008, a discogs user posted a review where he claimed that the most popular P2P version of the Q-Chastic EP came from a drum and bass compilation.

  • A1 is "Translucogene" by John B
  • B1 is "Thoughts" by The Riddler
  • C1 is the officially released Q-Chastic song "CAT 002" from The Philosophy of Sound and Machine
  • C2 is "The Chimes" by The SDR