Q.E.D. (U.S. TV series)

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For the strand of science documentary films, see Q.E.D. (BBC TV series).
Q.E.D. (U.S. TV series)b.jpg
Created by John Hawkesworth
Robert Schlitt
Starring Sam Waterston
Opening theme Ken Howard
Alan Blaikley
Ending theme Ken Howard
Alan Blaikley
Country of origin USA
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 6
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Consolidated Productions
Original network CBS
Original release March 23 – April 27, 1982

Q.E.D. is a 1982 adventure television series set in Edwardian England, starring Sam Waterston as Professor Quentin Everett Deverill. The Professor was a scientific detective in the mold of Sherlock Holmes, and the series had a smattering of what would later be called steampunk. In the show, the lead character was known primarily by his initials, Q.E.D; the reference here is that Q.E.D. usually stands for quod erat demonstrandum, a statement signalling the end of a proof. The show aired on the CBS network in the United States, and by a variety of ITV companies in the United Kingdom.



  1. Target: London (1982-03-23)
  2. The Great Motor Race (1982-03-30)
  3. Infernal Device (1982-04-06)
  4. The 4:10 to Zurich (1982-04-13)
  5. To Catch a Ghost (1982-04-20)
  6. The Limehouse Connection (1982-04-27)

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