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QLogic Corporation
Industry Computer Networking
Founded 1994
Headquarters Aliso Viejo, California, United States
Key people
Jean Hu, acting CEO, CFO
Products Fibre Channel adapters, converged network adapters, Ethernet adapters, iSCSI adapters, and ASICs
Revenue Increase$485 million USD (2013)[1]
Increase$58 million USD (2013)[1]
Increase$73 million USD (2013)[1]
Number of employees
1,229 (2013)[1]
Website www.qlogic.com
QLogic SAN-switch with optical FC connectors installed.
QLogic QLE2562 dual port 8Gb Fibre Channel host bus adapter card.

QLogic Corporation is a manufacturer of networking server and storage networking connectivity and application acceleration solutions, based in Aliso Viejo, California.[2] The company provides virtualized, converged, and cloud environment solutions. QLogic’s products include Fibre Channel Adapters, converged network adapter for the Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) market, Ethernet adapters, iSCSI adapters, and ASICs. QLogic is a NASDAQ Global Select company (NASDAQ symbol: QLGC).


QLogic was created in 1992 after being spun off by Emulex; the two are now competitors for the Fibre Channel HBA market. QLogic's original business was disk controllers. This business was sold to Marvell in 2005. QLogic went public in 1994 and is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol QLGC.

QLogic has acquired many companies over the years including Ancor, Little Mountain Group, PathScale, SilverStorm and NetXen. To date,[when?] the company has achieved 75 consecutive quarters of profitability.[citation needed] It has shipped more than 15 million Fibre Channel ports.[citation needed]

QLogic was led by chairman H.K. Desai[3] from 1996 until his death in June 2014.[4] Jean Hu is the acting CEO.[5]

QLogic was acquired by Cavium on June 2016.[6]

Storage networking products[edit]

  • Fibre Channel caching adapters
    • QLogic 10000 Series
      • 8Gb-to-PCIe 2.0 + 200GB or 400GB PCIe daughter card
  • Fibre Channel adapters
    • QLogic 2600 Series
      • 16Gb-to-PCIe 3.0
    • QLogic 18000 Series
      • 16Gb-to-PCIe 2.0
    • QLogic 2500 Series
      • 8Gb-to-PCIe 2.0
    • QLogic 800 Series
      • 8Gb-to-PCIe 2.0
    • QLogic 2400 Series
      • 4Gb-to-PCIe and PCI-X 2.0
  • iSCSI adapters
    • QLogic 4000 Series
      • 1GbE-to-PCIe and PCI-X 2.0
  • Fibre Channel switches
    • QLogic 5000 Series
      • 8Gb – Stackable, scale from 8 to 120 ports per stack, link multiple stacks
    • QLogic 3000 Series
      • 8Gb – Entry level, up to 8 ports per switch

Converged network products[edit]

  • Converged Network Adapters
    • QLogic 8400 Series
    • QLogic 8300 Series
      • 10GbE-to-PCIe 3.0, multi-protocol (FCoE, iSCSI, and TCP-IP)
    • QLogic 8200 Series
      • 10GbE-to-PCIe 2.0, multi-protocol (FCoE, iSCSI, and TCP-IP)
    • QLogic 1800 Series
      • 16Gb FC and 10GbE-to-PCIe 3.0, multi-protocol (FCoE, iSCSI, and TCP-IP)
    • QLogic 1000 Series
      • 10GbE-to-PCIe 3.0, multi-protocol (FCoE and TCP-IP)
  • Intelligent Ethernet Adapters
    • QLogic 3200 Series
      • 10GbE-to-PCIe 2.0


  • 1998: Acquired Silicon Design Resources, Inc.
  • 2000: Acquired Ancor Communications and switch products
  • 2001: Acquired Little Mountain Group and iSCSI chip and adapter products
  • 2005: Acquired Troika Networks and storage virtualization products
  • 2009: Acquired NetXen and Intelligent Ethernet Adapter products
  • 2014: Signed a broad technology alliance agreement with Brocade Communications Systems and acquired its fibre channel and converged network adapter business
  • 2014: Acquired certain 10/40/100 Gb Ethernet controller and NIC-related assets from Broadcom


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