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EditorDestiny Rogers, Jordan Hirst
Staff writersMichael James, Andrew Blythe
CategoriesLGBTIQ publication
PublisherRichard Bakker
First issueDecember 2000 (2000-12)
Based inBrisbane

QNews (QN) is an online news outlet based in Brisbane, Queensland catering to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer communities in Australia.


QNews was formed in December 2000 following the demise of predecessor publication Brother Sister amidst the collapse of national LGBT publisher Satellite Media. The first edition of QNews was released on 15 December that year. It was operated by Ray Mackereth, who had previously run Brother Sister for Satellite Media. A fortnightly publication from the beginning, it was originally printed as a tabloid newspaper, but changed to a fortnightly magazine in 2005. Historian Shirleene Robinson described QNews as being less "highbrow" than its then-rival publication, Queensland Pride.[1][2][3]

In 2013, under earlier ownership, The Australian reported claims that QNews had inflated its distribution figures, alleging that the publication was claiming that it had distributed approximately double the number of copies than had actually been printed. It suggested that the magazine's distribution at that time was averaging approximately 8,500 copies.[4]

In 2015, the company ran into financial difficulties and was facing closure, with the operators needing a crowdfunding campaign to keep the publication alive for long enough to secure a new publisher.[5] It faced further issues later that year after its then owner, Ray Mackereth, filed for bankruptcy.[6] Later that month, it was sold to Queensland businessman Richard Bakker.[7]

In October 2018, QNews appointed a transgender managing editor, Destiny Rogers, reportedly the first Australian publication to do so.[8]


QNews is a Queensland-focused LGBTIQ fortnightly lifestyle magazine catering to members of the Australian LGBTIQ community and their allies. The magazine covers local and national LGBTIQ current affairs, community issues, health, entertainment and culture. The print publication and website are available for free and supported entirely by advertising.

The company regularly partners with LGBTIQ community groups around Queensland and northern New South Wales, including Brisbane Pride,[9] Cairns Tropical Pride[10] and Tropical Fruits.[11]

In April 2016, the publication released its 400th issue and celebrated what it claimed was a record for the largest number of issues for a Queensland LGBTIQ print publication.[12]


QNews currently has over 450 distribution points,[13] mostly throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales.[2]

The print magazine is also published online each fortnight.[14]


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