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Q2 or Q-2 may refer to:

A mechanical siren manufactured by Federal Sign & Signal. The "Q" class of siren is the largest electromechanical siren made by Federal. It used to be used on ambulances and fire trucks because of the extreme sound output. Now it is primarily used by fire trucks because of the power consumption. Other emergency vehicles now use electronic sirens.

Media and broadcasting[edit]

  • KZJO, a television station in Seattle, Washington, United States, which formerly held the call sign KMYQ and was known on air as "MyQ²"
  • KTVQ, a television station in Billings, Montana, United States known on air as "Q2"
  • Q2, the Belgian television station
  • Q2, a short-lived spinoff network of QVC in the 1990s
  • Q2, a Star Trek character played by Corbin Bernsen
  • "Q2", an episode of Star Trek: Voyager
  • Q2, a contemporary classical music internet radio station “devoted to the music of living composers” run by New York's WQXR


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