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Q Hayashida (林田 球, Hayashida Kyū, born 1977) is a Japanese manga artist. She is best known for her series Dorohedoro, which was formerly serialized in Monthly Ikki, but moved to Hibana after Ikki ceased publication,[1][2] and later moved to Monthly Shōnen Sunday after Hibana ceased publication.[3][4] It was formerly serialized in English on Viz Media's SigIKKI site.[5]


Q Hayashida was born in Tokyo, Japan. She made her manga debut with Maken X Another, an adaptation of the 1999 video game Maken X and was published in Monthly Magazine Z. During this time, she started her own series in Dorohedoro,[6] and it is her longest work to date.


  • Maken X Another (1999–2001); re-edited and re-released in 2009 as Maken X Another Jack.
  • Dorohedoro (2000–2018)
  • Huvahh (2011) oneshot and enemy designs for Shadows of the Damned.
  • Underground Underground (2012) oneshot inside 138°E artbook
  • Hanshin Tigers Sousetsu 80 Shuunen Kinen Zoukan (2015)
  • Dai Dark (2019–present)[7]


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