Q and A (manga)

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Q and A
Written by Mitsuru Adachi
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Shōnen Sunday
Original run May 12, 2009April 12, 2012
Volumes 6
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Q and A (QあんどA, Q ando A) is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Mitsuru Adachi published in Monthly Shōnen Sunday from 2009 to 2012. It was one of the first manga to be launched in Monthly Shōnen Sunday.[1] The "Q" in the title is for the nickname "Q-chan" for character Hisashi, and the "A" for the main character Atsushi.


Atsushi Ando and his family moved away from his hometown after the death of his older brother, Hitsushi, nicknamed Q-chan, but they eventually return after six years. When returning home from his first day out after moving in, Atsushi sees his brother is still around in the form of a ghost, waiting for the family to come back all these years. In a feverish haze, he is convinced he is just seeing things, but the next morning realizes that his brother's ghost is still present. Not only that, but the only one who can see Hitsushi's ghost is Atsushi.


Atsushi Ando
15-years-old and a first year in high school. Atsushi lived in the shadow of his brother, always being compared to him and being given high expectations. He accidentally joins the track and field team when Q-chan submits his application for him against his will.
Hisashi Ando (Q-chan)
Currently deceased, but living on in spirit as a ghost that only his younger brother Atsushi can see (although now Hisashi is younger than Atsushi currently is). He dies six years before the series begins and was age 11 at the time of his death. He was very popular in school and was known for being very fast and setting school records. As a ghost, he frequently flips girls skirts and engages in overall perverted acts. The nickname Q-chan (Kyu-chan) comes from another way of reading "Hisashi."
Yuho Maezawa
Yuho was in the same class as Atsushi in first grade, but does not recognize him when he returns. Her family owns a pharmacy.
Riki Jinno
He formerly bullied Atsushi as a child and continues to appear to be a bully in general. It appears that he had a crush on Yuho in junior high school and sent her love letters. He is the captain of the high school's track team, although he hasn't participated in practice and bullied the other team members into making him captain.
Kyoko Kurosumi
A quiet girl in Atsushi's class who seems dark and mysterious and can apparently see ghosts and the like.
Kosei Maezawa
Yuho's older brother who is a manga artist. He is a freeloader and often breaks the fourth wall.
Ichiro Ogasawara
Shinobu Ouchi
Reiko Ando
Atsushi's mother


The second volume peaked at #3 on the Japanese Manga Rankings.[2] The fifth volume peaked at #28[3] and the sixth and final volume peaked at #19[4] and sold an estimated 58,938 copies in total.[5] In 2016 the series was published in bunkoban format, totaling 3 volumes.[6]


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