Qadis District

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Qadis District within Badghis Province
Qadis District within Badghis Province
Country Afghanistan
Province Badghis
 • Land 3,385 km2 (1,307 sq mi)

The Qadis District is located in the southern part of Badghis province, Afghanistan, between the districts Jawand in the East, Qala i Naw in the west, Muqur and Murghab in the North. In the South is the Herat province. The capital is Qadis.

The Firozkhoi tribe of the Chahar Aimaq once occupied the area.[1]


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Coordinates: 34°52′53″N 63°29′03″E / 34.88139°N 63.48417°E / 34.88139; 63.48417