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Qaid e Tanhai TitlePic.jpg
Qaid-e-Tanhai title screen
Directed byBabar Javed
StarringSavera Nadeem
Faisal Qureshi
Saba Hameed
Sunita Marshall
Neelam Muneer
Country of originPakistan
No. of episodes20
Executive producer(s)Momina Duraid
Running time45–50 minutes
Production company(s)A & B Productions
Original networkHum TV
Original release22 October 2010 (2010-10-22) –
18 March 2011 (2011-03-18)
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Qaid-e-Tanhai (Urdu: قید تنہائی ‎) is a Pakistani drama serial that aired on Hum TV from 22 October 2010 to 18 March 2011. It was written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Babar Javed. The drama was produced by A & B Productions.

It was also aired in India on Zindagi from 28 September 2015 to 5 November 2015.


Qaid-e-Tanhai is the story of a couple Aisha and Moiz who love each other. They want to marry each other but Moiz's mother Aliya gives a condition that if her daughter Maliha (Lubna Aslam) gets married to Aisha's brother she will agree. They get married to each other. Then are separated due to family and financial pressures that Aisha's mother in law had on Moiz. Aisha did not want Moiz to go overseas insisting that the family isn't in any major financial trouble. Influenced by his mom Moiz goes overseas to earn money for his family anyway leaving Aisha devastated with her daughter behind. Oversees, although he is working hard in earning money he also befriends a female named Aneela. Moiz annoys Aisha by telling her about Aneela, and Aisha is mad at him. Aneela and Moiz are obviously dating at this point. Worried, depressed Aisha waits for Moiz to come to Pakistan to visit her but he does not come; years pass but he doesn't come influenced by his mother. In the meantime Noor is growing Up, Aisha's daughter is fond of Javad and thinks him as his father. The job Moiz was supposed to by raising his kids and being a support for his wife another man, Jawad does. Jawad eventually falls in love with Aisha and proposes her. She rejects, but is later softened by his talk. When she is overheard by her Mother in law, she tells Moiz who comes to Pakistan, telling Aneela about Aisha who is mad at him for now telling about his marriage and child. But Jawad's mother rejects Aisha and he leaves her at the end time. Aisha goes to her mother's (Ismat Zaidi) house where Maliha and her husband i.e. Aisha's brother insult her. Moiz in anger marries Anila. He lies to Anila that he has given divorce to Aisha. Meanwhile, Moiz's sister Madiha's marriage is fixed. Anila calls Madiha but it is picked up by Aisha. Anila throws Moiz out of the house.After 4–5 years she meets Moiz as Farhan their child wanted to meet his father. Anila dies in a car accident and so Moiz goes to Pakistan. There he meets Aisha. Noor (Neelam Munir) is a grown up but is rebellious. She hates her father. Moiz introduces Farhan to everyone. Meanwhile, Aisha and Farhan make a good bond. Moiz takes Aisha and Noor to London. In London, she is fine whereas Noor spoils all the photos in Farhan's room. She becomes more immature and challenging. Meanwhile, in Pakistan, Aliya feels sorry and thinks that once how she treated Aisha in a Qaid-e-Tanhai, she is also been treated in the same way by her other son Haseeb, Madiha and Maliha. Noor gets admission in a university and its time for Aisha to leave UK.

In the last episode it is shown that Moiz asks for apology to Aisha and Aisha also asks for same. Moiz requests her not to go and she doesn't. They all (Moiz, Aisha, Noor and Farhan) are a happy family and are together.

DVD Cover of Qaid e Tanhai featuring (Left to Right) Saba Hameed, Syed Jibran, Savera Nadeem, Faisal Qureshi, Sunita Marshall, Neelam Muneer and Savera Nadeem again in Background


Main cast[edit]

Main Character. She is a good daughter of her mother and falls in love with her maternal cousin Moiz. She is able to marry Moiz and her mother is also happy although at first she shows some resistance. But it is Moiz's mother who hates Ayesha and troubles her. She is being harassed by the whole family. She agrees on Jawad's marriege proposal by seeing his affection towards her daughter but then her mother in law starts torturing her. Basically she is treated like a servant.

He falls in love with Ayesha. But his mother and sister are against this marriege.Problems arise when he leaves for United Kingdom.

Moiz's mother. She is the person who hates Ayesha and creates differences between Ayesha and Moiz. She doesn't see that Ayesha is her sister's daughter and treats Ayesha as a servant. Noor hates her because of her evil nature. She loves only her daughter

She is the second wife of Moiz. She likes Moiz but goes mad when she comes to know that he is already married. But Moiz marries her and they give birth to a child. She dies in an accident

He is being married to Moiz's sister. But due to his caring nature, Noor starts liking him and starts treating him like her father. Ayesha too starts falling for him. But when Moiz's mom listens a phone call she starts harassing Jawad too.

She is Moiz's and Ayesha's daughter. She is a disturbed child as she could never get her father's love. She hates her Dadi (Moiz's mom) and talks to her rudely. She starts liking Jawad and treats him like her father. She hates Moiz and Anila's son

Supporting cast[edit]

Moiz's friend in London who respects Ayesha

Moiz's sister who marries Ayesha's brother. She is the main person who creates problems and is more evilish than her mother. She is stubborn that her son will marry Noor but Noor rejects

Ayesha's mom, Moiz's khala and later mother in law of Moiz's sister. She hates her younger sister and warns Ayesha not to marry Moiz not because she is conservative but her sister is evil. She is a good mother in law but her strained relationship with her younger sister leads to problems in Ayesha's life. She is shocked when Ayesha tells that she will marry Jawad. But is happy when she comes to know that Ayesha is going to UK

Farhan: Moiz's and Anila's son. He is a sober child. He wants to befriend his step sister Noor and respects his step mother Aisha.


11th Lux Style Awards

3rd Pakistan Media Awards

  • Nominated-Pakistan Media Award for Best TV Actress to Savera Nadeem
  • Nominated-Pakistan Media Award for Best Supporting Actress to Neelam Muneer


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