Qala i Naw District

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Qala i Naw
  قلعه نو  
Location of Qala i Naw
Coordinates: 34°59.2′N 63°7.1′E / 34.9867°N 63.1183°E / 34.9867; 63.1183Coordinates: 34°59.2′N 63°7.1′E / 34.9867°N 63.1183°E / 34.9867; 63.1183
District Badghis
 • Type District council
 • Estimate (1990) 82,525
 • Tajiks 80%

Qala i Naw, also Qalay-I-Naw or Qalanou (from the Persian: قلعه نو), is a district in the west of Badghis Province, Afghanistan. Its population was estimated at 82,525 in 1990; the ethnic makeup is approximately 80% Tajik with small numbers of Pashtun, Baloch, Uzbek and Turkmen.

The district capital is Qala i Naw city, which is also the provincial capital. The district is known for its pistachio forests.


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