Qalaat Tannour

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Qalaat Tannour
Qalaat et Tannoûr
Qalaat Tannour is located in Lebanon
Qalaat Tannour
Shown within Lebanon
Alternative nameCastle of Enlightenment
Location12 kilometres (7.5 mi) southwest of Baalbek, Lebanon
Coordinates33°55′38″N 36°08′41″E / 33.927222°N 36.144722°E / 33.927222; 36.144722
TypeSurface site / Hill
PeriodsShepherd Neolithic, Roman
Site notes
Excavation dates1966
ArchaeologistsM. Besançon
Public accessYes
Shepherd Neolithic flint tools discovered at Kamouh el Hermel. 1. End scraper on a flake. 2. Transverse scraper and awl on a thin flake. 3. Borer on a flake blade. 4. Burin with a wide working edge on a heavy flake. All in matt brown flint.

Qalaat Tannour (also known as Qalaat et Tannoûr) is a Shepherd Neolithic archaeological site located halfway between Britel and Haour Taala, 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) southwest of Baalbek in the Baalbek District of the Beqaa Governorate in Lebanon.[1][2]

The surface site was discovered by M. Besançon in 1966 on a hill of exposed limestone rocks. It was the furthest south of all of the Shepherd Neolithic sites catalogued at the time. Flint tools found at the location were generally in a brown or grey, some showing a white patina. Blade types were typically short but also included thin and backed varieties, steep-scrapers and cores. The material was stored with the Saint Joseph University, Museum of Lebanese Prehistory.[1]

Several Roman tombs were also noted at the site.[1]


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