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Queen consort of Nubia and Egypt
Great Royal Wife
A Queen from the 25th Dynasty of Egypt
Burial Pyramid in El-Kurru (Ku. 5)
Spouse Pharaoh Shabaka
Issue King Tantamani
Full name
Dynasty 25th Dynasty of Egypt
Father King Piye
O4 t
in hieroglyphs

Qalhata was a Nubian queen dated to the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt.[2]

Qalhata was a daughter of King Piye and a queen consort to her brother Shabaka. She is known from the Dream Stela of King Tantamani and from her pyramid in El-Kurru (Ku. 5).[3]

Assyrian records state that King Tantamani was the son of Taharqa's sister. The tomb of Qalhata at El-Kurru contains texts that say she is a King's Mother, giving some evidence of the family relationships. [4]


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