Calzada (mountain)

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Casiri, Calzada and Ch'iyar Juqhu as seen from Chua Cocani (near Lake Titicaca)
Highest point
Elevation5,874 m (19,272 ft) [1]
Coordinates15°55′57″S 68°26′16″W / 15.93250°S 68.43778°W / -15.93250; -68.43778Coordinates: 15°55′57″S 68°26′16″W / 15.93250°S 68.43778°W / -15.93250; -68.43778[2]
Calzada is located in Bolivia
La Paz Department, Larecaja Province, Sorata Municipality
Parent rangeAndes, Cordillera Real
First ascent1-1962 via N.W. face,[1]

Calzada[3][4][5] (possibly from Aymara qalsa, stones; or Spanish calzada, road)[6][7] is a mountain in the Andes, about 5,874 m (19,272 ft) high,[3] located in the Cordillera Real of Bolivia.[3] It lies in the La Paz Department, Larecaja Province, on the border of the Sorata Municipality and the Guanay Municipality. It is situated south-east of Ancohuma, between the mountain Q'asiri in the north-west and Chearoco in the south-east, and east of San Francisco Lake.[4]

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