Qalyoub train collision

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Qalyoub train collision
Date 21 August 2006
Location Qalyoub
Country Egypt
Operator Egyptian National Railways
Type of incident collision
Trains 2
Deaths 58
Injuries 140

The Qalyoub train collision occurred at a converging junction in Qalyoub to the north of Cairo in Egypt on 21 August 2006, when two commuter trains collided during the morning rush hour, killing 58 people and injuring over 140.


A passenger train from Mansoura passed a red signal and crashed into a stationary train that had come from Benha. Four passenger cars derailed in the accident, which closed the line in the country's Nile Delta region. The train was estimated to have been travelling at more than 50 mph (80 km/h) at the time of the collision.[1] The driver of the Mansoura service was amongst the dead.[2][3]


In the wake of the accident, Egyptian National Railways director Hanafi Abdel Qawi was dismissed[4] and 14 railway officials were later charged with gross negligence and jailed.[5] The prosecutor's office said the officials ignored repairing some technical equipment that control train signals.

Egypt has a poor safety record on its railways and there are several fatal accidents each year, usually blamed on inadequately maintained equipment.[citation needed]

Families of each victim who died in the accident received compensation of £E5,000 (about $US870). Passengers who were injured will get £E1,000.

Proposed upgrade[edit]

Egypt is proposing to implement an upgrade project including some upgrade of its signalling.[6]

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