Qaqortoq Hostel

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Qaqortoq Hostel
Qaqortoq Hostel is located in Greenland
Qaqortoq Hostel
Location within Greenland
General information
Location Qaqortoq
Address Postbox 172
Aaninngivit B 242
3920 Qaqortoq
Coordinates 60°43′14″N 46°02′26″W / 60.72056°N 46.04056°W / 60.72056; -46.04056
Owner Heidi Møller
Technical details
Floor count 1
Floor area 265 m2
Other information
Number of rooms 10
Number of restaurants 1

Qaqortoq Hostel (also known as Siniffik Inn, "siniffik" is Greenlandic for "bed",[1] to the locals simply known as "Heidis") is a privately run hostel in the town of Qaqortoq in south Greenland. The hostel was expanded in 2007[2] and now hosts a total of 38 beds, rivalling the major establishments in the area. It is one of only two Qaqortoq companies offering accommodations in the town, the other being Hotel Qaqortoq. The hostel is, despite its size, a major employer in the town.


The establishment has been a mainstay in Qaqortoq since it opened, and has been the destination of choice for the majority of younger tourists heading for southern Greenland. The hostel is also first choice for domestic tourists.

Until 2007, the establishment had only three rooms; two double rooms, and one room for 3 people. The 2007 expansion brought the total number of rooms to 10. Four bed rooms and two double rooms were added. With the add-ons, the hostel is de facto one of the largest accommodations in the entire municipality.

Other services[edit]

In addition to reception services the hostel also offers storage services to guests, as well as guided tours of the town to groups. The inn lists no additional services, though Greenlandic cuisine is available to groups upon request. Siniffik Inn is a non-smoking establishment. The hostel only accepts Danish credit cards.

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Coordinates: 60°43′14″N 46°02′26″W / 60.72056°N 46.04056°W / 60.72056; -46.04056