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Qarnayel(Arabic: قرنايل) is a town and municipality in Baabda District (Arabic:قضاء بعبدا), Lebanon, part of the Mount Lebanon Governorate (Arabic: محافظة جبل لبنان). The village is located between 1100–1250 metres above sea level in the western steep slopes of Mount Lebanon, in the upper Matn District (Al Matn al A'la)(Arabic: المتن الأعلى) section, 36 Kilometers to the east of Beirut بيروت. The village has a population of nearly 4,500 inhabitants .

With one public high school and another public elementary junior high school, Qarnayel attracts students from neighboring villages.

The main attraction of Qarnayel is its natural beauty and location giving a spectacular 360 degree view to the western sections of el Matn, and glimpse of Beirut and the Mediterranean sea. Many grottos are located in the steep pine-clad slopes above the town, giving visitors and hikers superb views westwards.

The town is a major source of pine nuts due to stone pine (Pinus pinea) woods covering the area. Further Qarnayel produces a good variety of fruits and vegetables.

Coke and iron were mined during the 19th century.

Coordinates: 33°51′23″N 35°43′27″E / 33.8565°N 35.7241°E / 33.8565; 35.7241