Qashqadaryo River

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Qashqadaryo river in Kitab town

Qashqadaryo River (also Kashkçadarya River, Qashqa Darya, Kashka Darya; darya means "river") is a river in southern Uzbekistan. Length: 378 km, basin: 6,800 km2. In flows within the Qarshi Steppe without drain.

By the river is the city of Qarshi, the capital of the Qashqadaryo Province, which lies within the basin of the river.

The river takes some water from Zeravshan via the Eskianhor canal and forms the Chimkurgan reservoir.


Coordinates: 39°14′50″N 65°01′30″E / 39.2472°N 65.025°E / 39.2472; 65.025