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Qasim Sultan al-Banna has been director general of Dubai Municipality since 1992. He was educated until 10th standard in Dubai schools and started his career as a land surveyor in Dubai in 1958 until his retirement in 2006. He rose up the ranks in engineering and administrative fields until he was promoted to assistant director general. He then took over all infrastructure development in Dubai (including the creation of shiekh zayed road and emirates road) and was a key figure in the establishment in the new government revenue outlook.

He is also a key sports figure as he is the president of al Ahli club and the head of the UAE basketball association.


  1. Director General of Dubai Municipality
  2. Chairman, Board of Director Department of Health and Medical Services
  3. Member of the Executive Council of Dubai
  4. Chairman of Development Board
  5. Chairman, Board of Director of Al Ahli Club
  6. Member of General Secretariat of the UAE Municipalities
  7. Member of Federal Environment Authority
  8. Member of Administration Council of the Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities
  9. Member of the Executive Office of the Organization of Arab Cities
  10. Member of the United Nations Advisory Committee of local Authorities
  11. Honoree member of the council of expatriate Lebanese Businessmen
  12. The goodwill ambassador
  13. Owner of many business running in Dubai,The Sultan Group Investments


  1. Alexandria University Award for Regional Leadership (2005)
  2. Environment Award (2001)
  3. Membership in the United Nations Advisory Committee on Local Authorities – UNACLA (2000)
  4. Selection of Director General of Dubai Municipality as Good Will Ambassador (2000)
  5. American Business Council, Dubai, Award (1997)
  6. Habitat Scroll of Honour (1994)

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