Qasimabad, Hyderabad

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Qasimabad is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 25°14′N 68°12′E / 25.24°N 68.20°E / 25.24; 68.20Coordinates: 25°14′N 68°12′E / 25.24°N 68.20°E / 25.24; 68.20
Country  Pakistan
Province Sindh
District Hyderabad District
Population (2012)
 • Total 1.2 million
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Qasimabad (Sindhi: قاسم آباد‎) is Town/City in the western side of Hyderabad City in Sindh province of Pakistan.


Qasimabad Town/City is named after the Arab Invader Muhammad Bin Qasim who invaded Sindh and Multan. It was formed as an extension to the city of Hyderabad after the arrival of migrants from across the border after the 1947 independence of Pakistan, along with the town of Latifabad.

The locals that lived in the town at its inception were ethnically of a mixed population but as the city experienced ethnic riots between Sindhis and Muhajir in the late 1980s. Widespread target killings and acts of ethnic cleansing were committed, the city got divided between the Sindhis and Muhajir with the former mainly settling in Qasimabad while the latter settling in Latifabad. Smaller scale hostilities still continue in the city.


Qasimabad has main concentration of Sindhi-speaking people that make more than 99% of the population of the town/City, known as the Sindhis based . Although it was formed after the town of Latifabad, it does not follow the numbered unit system for that town, but instead based on the block system. Every year thousands of Sindhi speaking from rural settle to the Qasimabad town/City.

The town/City consists of the western part of the Hyderabad city and houses three of the most popular and biggest schools in the city: St Bonaventure's High School, The City School and Beaconhouse School System [Universal Science College & Academy, along with other popular schools such as: BAHRIA Foundation College, Agha Taj Muhammad High School, one of oldest schools in Qasimabad town, Eden Grammar School and Sindh Academy High School, St Mary's convent school. Anna English School is also running successfully from 15 years and it is located in the heart of Qasimabad town/City.

Culture and society[edit]

With people, mostly Sindhi, occupying this region, the practice of Sindhology or the study of Sindh is more pronounced in this region than others. There is a museum celebrating the treasures of its Sindhi cultural values and traditions present in this town, the Sindh Museum. Qasimabad is the hub of Sindhi Nationalist and political Powers and almost all the Sindhi Nationalist political parties have their head offices in Qasimabad City.


The prominent localities/Town Regions of Qasimabad are: Nasim Nagar, Main Qasimabad, Qasimabad Phase-I, Phase-II, Prince Town, Al-Mustafa Town, Hyderabad Town, Abdullah Town, Sahrish Nagar, London Town, Bond Street, Rani Bagh, Sindh Museum,Citizen Colony, Gul-E-Latif Housing Scheme, Anwar Villas, Faraz Villas, Waqar Town, Marvi Town, Abdullah Town, Abdullah Centre, Abdullah Vally ,Gulistan-e-Sajjad and Gulshan-e-Sehr,Sindhi Muslim,Wahdat Colony, Almadar Chowk, Momin Nagar,

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