Qasr Ahmad

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Qasr Ahmad
ميناء قصر أحمد
Gasr Ahmed
Qasr Ahmad is located in Libya
Qasr Ahmad
Qasr Ahmad
Location in Libya
Coordinates: 32°21′30″N 15°12′21″E / 32.35833°N 15.20583°E / 32.35833; 15.20583Coordinates: 32°21′30″N 15°12′21″E / 32.35833°N 15.20583°E / 32.35833; 15.20583
Country  Libya
Region Tripolitania
District Misurata
Time zone EET (UTC+2)

Qasr Ahmad or Gasr Ahmed (Arabic: ميناء قصر أحمد‎‎) is a neighborhood and port in the eastern region of the city of Misurata in Libya. The neighborhood was developed to provide housing for port workers.

It is approximately 15 kilometers away from Misurata's city center, and about 250 kilometres away from Tripoli, capital of Libya.[1]


The Palace of Ahmad[edit]

Qasr is an Arabic word for palace, and Qasr Ahmad according to the geographer Ayyubid Abu al-feda (1273 -1331) (p. 202) : "Kasr Ahmed is the name of a town in the province of Africa at the beginning of the fourth climate According Sayd Ibn his situation is on the border of the province of the east side of Africa and at the beginning of the country of Barca in the same latitude at a distance of about twelve miles dwellings of Berber family called Misurata. The land is planted with olive and palm trees Residents exporting horses in Alexandria The pilgrims traveling to Mecca the Maghreb face in them very politely Casr Ahmed is properly the name of a village that serves as it store Arabs and where they lock their commodities. From Ahmed Casr we went to Barca in the desert." [2]

The name probably refers Ahmed Arab families from the tribe of Heyyeb s were established at this location.

Cephalae Promontorium[edit]

Development and construction works in Qasr Ahmad revealed ruins of archeological interest, including Phoenician and Roman foundations which prove the existence of a huge wall in the surrounding area. Pre-construction clearing below the lighthouse removed the overburden that had buried Roman coins, pottery, and room formations that are believed to be Roman baths, which are remains of the Roman station port of Cephalae Promontorium.


Qasr Ahmad
Port of Misurata
Country  Libya
Location Misurata District
Coordinates 32°21′50″N 15°13′08″E / 32.36389°N 15.21889°E / 32.36389; 15.21889
Operated by Qasr Ahmad Port Authority
Owned by Socialist Ports Company
Size Small
Port of Libyan Iron and Steel Company
Country  Libya
Location Misurata District
Coordinates 32°20′39″N 15°14′24″E / 32.34417°N 15.24000°E / 32.34417; 15.24000
Operated by Libyan Iron and Steel Company
Owned by Libyan Iron and Steel Company
Main trades Iron and Steel

Qasr Ahmad is famous for being the location of the Port of Misrata, which holds its name, but the total number of ports in Qasr Ahmad is two.

Port of Misurata[edit]

One of the major business centers in all of Libya, the port is one of the most important maritime and ship transport centers in North Africa, being the major sea entrance to Libya. It is also the seat of the Libyan Ports Company.

Port of Libyan Iron and Steel Company[edit]

Constructed as an extension to the Port of Misurata, the Port of LISCO is totally owned and operated by the Libyan Iron and Steel Company, serving its imports, and export services.

Business Importance[edit]

Qasr Ahmad is the location of major commercial and financial activities of the Libya government, being the ground soil of the first Libyan free economic zone project, the headquarters and factories of the Libyan Iron and Steel Company, and the administration of major private Libyan banks.

Misurata Free Zone[edit]

It's a zone free of any restrictions such as tax, custom duties, commercial and monetary restrictions, among others, established by decision of people's committee General No (495) 2000 and reorganized by decision of General People's Committee.

The free zone was established in order to vary and support the national income sources by attracting the investments to Great Jamahiriya in an environment free of management and fiscal restrictions development of commercial, goods and service exchange and creating an industrial base in addition to transporting and setting technology and training upon it and providing work opportunities for the citizens and with this zone and its development will increase opportunities of attracting the investors in industrial, service and commercial activities which target the African market to settle their investments in Jamahiriya.

Misrata Free Zone extends to 3539 hectares (8745.06 acres), including Misrata Seaport with a capability of expansion in the southern side up to more than 2000 hectares (4942.1 acres).

Libyan Iron and Steel Company[edit]

The Libyan Iron and Steel Company (LISCO) is one of the largest iron and steelmaking companies operating in North Africa. Based in Misurata, it is subsidized and owned by the Libyan government. Muammar Gaddafi officially laid LISCO's foundation stone on 18 September 1979. In 2004, the online magazine Arab Steel ranked Lisco ranked third among the largest Arab iron and steel companies.

The company operates from a headquarters building, five factories, a sea port, and warehouses in Qasr Ahmad.


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