Qasr el Banat, Lebanon

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Qasr el Banat
Qasr el Banat, Lebanon is located in Lebanon
Qasr el Banat, Lebanon
Shown within Lebanon
Alternate name Qasr el Banât, Qasr al Banat, Kasr el-Banat, Qasr El-Banaat
Region Baalbek
Coordinates 34°05′15″N 36°07′04″E / 34.0875°N 36.117778°E / 34.0875; 36.117778
Cultures Roman
Site notes
Condition Ruins
Public access Yes

Qasr el Banat is an ancient temple situated 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) east of Chlifa in the Baalbek District of the Beqaa Governorate in Lebanon.[1][2] It is believed the site was called the castle of virgins and was the residence of virgins in Roman times.[3][4]

George F. Taylor classified Qasr el Banat among a group of Temples of the Beqaa Valley. It is suggested to date to Ancient Roman, Ancient Greek eras or earlier. The temple is located on a rocky plateau, accessible by a climb up a hill. The top of the hill is covered in various platforms, cisterns, tanks and steps that have been carved out of solid bedrock. Within the remains is a small antae temple, constructed of large square blocks that was used as a fortress in later times. Some sections remain intact built up two or three layers high. A basilica from a later period was built alongside the temple.[1]

There are two circular structures located around 100 metres (330 ft) southeast of the temple that are thought to have been examples of the high places referenced in the Bible.


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