Qatar Olympic Committee

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Qatar Olympic Committee
Qatar Olympic Committee logo
Qatar Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region  Qatar
Code QAT
Created 1979
Recognized 1980
Headquarters Doha, Qatar
President Joaan bin Hamad
Secretary General Thani Al-Kuwari

Qatar Olympic Committee (IOC code: QAT) is the National Olympic Committee representing Qatar.


The QOC was formed in 1979 and was granted full recognition by the International Olympic Committee in 1980.[1]

Female competitors[edit]

Until the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Qatar was one of three counties that had never had a female competitor at the Olympic games.[2] Qatar eventually sent four women, in swimming (Nada Arkaji), athletics (Noor Hussain Al-Malki), table tennis (Aya Majdi) and shooting (Bahiya Al-Hamad). Bahiya al-Hamad was also set to carry the Qatari flag at the opening ceremony, in what she said was a "truly historic moment".


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