Qavam House

Coordinates: 29°36′28.24″N 52°33′9.25″E / 29.6078444°N 52.5525694°E / 29.6078444; 52.5525694
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Qavam House
Front facade with the image of the "Lion and Sun" (Qajar royal emblem) on the pediment.
Alternative namesNarenjestan-e Ghavam, Ghavam House, Qavam Pavilion, House of Ghavam
General information
AddressFars Province, Shiraz, Lotf Ali Khan Zand St, Iran
Coordinates29°36′28.24″N 52°33′9.25″E / 29.6078444°N 52.5525694°E / 29.6078444; 52.5525694

Qavam House (also widely called, Narenjestan-e Ghavam)[1][2] is a traditional and historical house and garden in Shiraz, Iran, built between 1879 and 1886.

During the second Pahlavi era, the House became the headquarters of Pahlavi University's Asia Institute, directed by Arthur Upham Pope,[1][3] and later Richard Nelson Frye. The house and gardens are now a museum and are open to the public.


It was built between 1879 and 1886[4] by Mirza Ibrahim Khan. The building stands two meters above the yard and is mainly made of bricks


Narenjestan garden is a sample of Persian gardens of Iran.

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